Exam Sessions

St Angela’s Academy of Music hosts several examination sessions throughout the school year. In general, students are encouraged to work towards exams in their chosen instruments because the discipline required to prepare for an exam ensures progress in musical learning and helps the student to develop good technique. However, exams should not be the sole focus of music study and students are urged to play other pieces outside the syllabus and get involved in duets and music groups as well.


The Royal Irish Academy of Music, the Leinster School of Music and the Associated Board of the Royal Schools of Music are the three examination bodies who hold sessions at St Angela’s. Both the RIAM and LSMD exams take place three times a year, in November, March and May. The ABRSM exams currently take place once a year, in the spring term, but we are hoping to expand on that in the future.

Musicianship Practicals

Every April, the Junior Cert and Leaving Cert students in the Ursuline Secondary School who are studying Music for their State exams must sit a music practical. St Angela’s hosts these exam sessions and the teachers help prepare the students for them.

Exam Advice

Early preparation is essential when working towards an exam. If a student practises steadily throughout the year, then there will be no panic coming up to the exam itself! An exam is simply an opportunity for a student to show how much they have learned and all they need do is try their best. We should remember that music is, above all else, a source of creativity and enjoyment!

Music begins where the possibilities of language end.

Jean Sibelius