End of Academic Year Greetings


St Angela’s Academy of Music had another successful year even if the final term was very different from what we have been accustomed in other years. The Pre-Easter Exams commenced on March 6 and were to conclude on March 13. Unfortunately, some students were not examined as all schools had to close on Thursday March 12 and being compliant with the Government regulations the “Sound of Music” ceased in St Angela’s Academy of Music. Their examinations are deferred to late September or thereafter. The Post Easter Music exams likewise have been postponed until then or at a time when it will be safe to proceed. In the meantime, the Academy has moved to a virtual teaching and learning environment. The Music teachers have embraced the connective power of apps such as Zoom, Skype and WhatsApp to reach out to students, continuing to hone their musical abilities and develop their musical talents in a slightly different, thoroughly modern way. While this has gone down very well and been most productive everyone is looking forward to the day, please God in the near future, when the doors of St Angela’s Academy can open once more and students and teachers can resume teaching and learning in the more conventional way.

Some students have opted to do their exams online. This is certainly a new undertaking for both students and their teachers. We wish them all well and hopefully they will do themselves justice.

As the Leaving Certs depart from us, we wish them all the best and pray that life will be good to them. Normally there is a beautiful Eucharistic Celebration for the girls with the School Choir accompanied by the Senior Orchestra. Unfortunately, it was not possible this year.

The Dwan Silver Salver was awarded to Claire Carey for getting the highest mark in Violin Grade 8.

The Hyland Award has two recipients this year: Maria Connolly and Ella Flynn for their achievement in the high grades of their respective instruments and their contribution to both the Academy and the School.


We wish all our students and families a very happy summer holiday. Keep safe and well.


Belated New Year Greetings

New Year greetings from St Angela’s Academy of Music and good wishes for a healthy and happy 2020. Music lessons commenced the first week of January and it is just wonderful to hear the strains of music after the silence of the festive season.  Congratulations to all our students who did their music exams in November. Overall, they were excellent. Well done to all concerned and keep up the good work. This is a busy term with many taking exams in the Pre-Easter and Post Easter Centres.  Just a gentle reminder to all exam students to REMEMBER to practise consistently as they prepare for their upcoming exams.

Congratulations to Erika Carroll who will be performing in the Munster Region of the High Achievers Concert which is being held in Siamsa Tire National Folk Theatre, Tralee on Sunday January 26. She is singing “The Girl in 14G” by Jeanine Tesori/Dick Scanlon: All here in St Angela’s send her best wishes.


Autumn Greetings

The term is off to a good start and music lessons are well on the way with many preparing for exams in November. A lot of new students have joined us, and the cycle goes on!  Many of them are also rehearsing for the Secondary School Show Sister Act, which has just commenced recently and will be on stage Saturday October 19 DV.

We have also received notification of the High Achievers for 2019.

They are:               Bi Bi Russell          Violin.     Primary Grade

Erika Carroll         Music Theatre. Senior Certificate

The Chamber Choir in the Secondary School are also High Achievers and many of our music students past and present were in the choir when they took their exam in May.

We congratulate them all on this great achievement.

Sam Rotman, Concert Pianist originally from Romania and graduate from The Julliard School of Music gave a Recital in the Source Theatre on October 01. As it is the 250th anniversary of Beethoven he performed four of his works. He will be 70 next birthday and his fingers are as nimble as ever and conveyed the spirit of Beethoven so well in his performance.

One of our students Anna Grace who passed Senior Certificate in Piano in May with Distinction was invited to play at the beginning of the Concert. She played two pieces.

F Haydn:                 Sonata in Ab Major Hob XVI No 46 1st Movement Allegro Moderato.

E Grieg:                  Wedding Day at Troldhaugen Opus 65 No 6

She gave a wonderful performance and was highly commended by Sam Rotman.  The audience showed their appreciation by their applause. Some of our music students were present and were very taken by her musical performance. Hopefully she will inspire them to practice more….

We send all our best wishes to our past pupils who have just started College and hope life will be good to you. Perhaps you would think of joining a Choir and if you play an instrument an Orchestra. Roisin Heenan who is studying Law and Business in UCD was the Musical Director of their most recent show Company. Her sister Cliodhna is in Trinity doing Dentistry. She is playing Violin with the College Orchestra and is also playing in a Quartet. It is a lovely way of extending your social circle and meeting lovers of music.

We welcome back all our Staff to the Academy and hope it will be a good year for all. We have been joined by Linda Ryan for Voice and Rosemary Walsh for Piano. We hope they will have a long and fruitful career with us.










Summer Greetings

Greetings to all of you from St Angela’s Academy of Music. Hope you are enjoying the summer holidays. We have been very fortunate with the weather.

Congratulations to all the students who did exams last term. The results overall were very good with Distinctions, Honours and some Merits. Congratulations also to our teachers who through their guidance and commitment with your co-operation, enabled you to do well.

Clare Clear and Paddy Butler have been on the Staff for several years and have just retired. We wish them both health and happiness for many years to come. We acknowledge and commend their commitment, loyalty, positivity and the sterling work they did over the years with their students.

There is just over four weeks to the start of the academic year and perhaps those of you who are preparing for exams in November could take advantage of this precious time and do some daily practice which would take the pressure off you later.

Looking forward to seeing you all on your return at the end of August.



Advertisement re Music Teachers Vacancies

Vacancy for Piano and Voice Teachers at St. Angela’s Academy of Music, Thurles for the Academic Year 2019-20

Music Teachers Application Form – PDF



March Update.


Prior to St Patrick’s week-end there were six days, of music exams ranging from Elementary/Introductory to Senior Certificate in a wide variety of instruments with three examiners.  Last year we made history in our Music School when students commenced Drum Lessons for the first time and at the end of the year successfully took exams. This term one of the students also made history when he did a Guitar Exam. We now await results and we wish them well.

Congratulations to the teacher and students who recently took part in the Kilkenny Music Festival.

Junior Piano Recital:      Patricia Norton  2nd place

Emma McCabe  Highly Commended

Senior Piano Recital:     Cora Norton       2nd place

This is a great achievement for St Angela’s Academy and the competitors.  We hope more students will join them next year.

Upcoming events in St Angela’s Academy:  Scoil Angela and Extern Students Musical Evening Tuesday April 9.

Secondary School Musical Evening Wednesday May 8.

There will be two weeks of exams in the Summer Centre which will take place in early May so students are busy preparing and with careful consistent practice should do themselves justice.


Christmas is fast approaching and the Academy has had a busy term with exams just over and the results received. Thankfully they were very good. Congratulations to all who took exams and to your teachers who enabled you do well. The examiner was very complimentary of the standard and we are grateful for same.

Erika Carroll was one of our High Achievers from last year and she got to perform in the Royal Irish Academy of Music Munster Concert in UL.  Only eleven were chosen to take part in this Concert and Erika sang Roxie from Chicago and did it right well!

This is a busy week with the Mass of the Gifts in School, the Carol Service and all the usual end of year festivities. All these celebrations help to fuel the Christmas Spirit.

Now that you have two weeks holidays I hope you will take full advantage of this precious time to catch up on music practice. It will pay dividends and it will take the pressure off you next term.

I should like to take this opportunity to wish you all a very Happy Christmas filled with peace joy and a healthy New Year.

Back to Music Classes!

St Angela’s Academy has just completed the first month of term and both staff and students have commenced music lessons as if there was no long break! There has been a good intake of new students ranging from Pre-instrumental (Cara Awards) to Senior Certificate and hopefully being a student of St Angela’s Academy of Music will be an enjoyable and good experience for all concerned. Many are preparing for music exams (both practical and theory) in November and time is passing all too quickly hence extra practice is necessary to reach the expected standard. We send all best wishes to our past music students and hope they are adjusting well to life after secondary school.

The end of another school year

It’s hard to believe that the school year is almost at an end and we are winding down with the last exams and final lessons. 2017/2018 has been very successful with two wonderful musical evenings, several in-house concerts throughout the year, and of course a number of examination sessions. We congratulate each and every student who got involved in music this year – well done on all your achievements, whether it was passing a Grade 8 exam or accomplishing a scale for the first time!

We wish all the very best to our departing Sixth Year students – we hope music will continue to be a part of your lives wherever you go next.

Parents should please note that if you wish your child to take lessons at St Angela’s Academy of Music next year then the application form needs to be submitted immediately to guarantee a place. Forms may be collected from the school office or downloaded at this link.

Congratulations again to our students on their hard work this year. We hope all students, parents and staff have a lovely summer break. We look forward to seeing you again in September!

Post-Easter examination session

Our students are fast approaching the final hurdle in this year’s music calendar. The post-Easter exams begin next Tuesday 8th May and will run for two weeks, with examiners visiting from both the Royal Irish Academy of Music and the Leinster School of Music.

We encourage all exam candidates to make a final effort now to do their very best in these exams. The long bank holiday weekend presents an excellent opportunity to put in extra practice. Support from parents at home will be very helpful in this regard.

We wish the best of luck to all our students in the coming examinations!