St Angela’s Today

Owing to ever-increasing numbers of students by the early 1990s, music education at the Ursuline was extended into the convent’s St Angela’s Academy building. At this point, the music school became a separate entity in its own right and assumed the name St Angela’s Academy of Music. Sr Rita Condon became the first head of the school in its present-day form and Sr Cecilia O’Dwyer subsequently took over in 1999.

In October 2009, the Ursuline sisters moved to new accommodation and their vacated quarters in St Joseph’s House became integrated into St Angela’s, thus expanding the school to an unprecedented size in terms of rooms available for practice and tuition.

St Angela's Academy and the adjoining St Joseph's House

St Angela’s Academy and the adjoining St Joseph’s House

Now St Angela’s is a well-established centre of music learning in Thurles. While in the past it traditionally only catered for students from the Ursuline Secondary School and the Scoil Angela Primary School, demand is such that it has since opened its doors to external students. The school welcomes all ages and abilities and aims to engender a love of music in all those who come to learn here.